Andrew Hughes

Andrew Hughes enjoys bringing a down to earth, personable approach to financial advice. He is passionate and committed to helping his clients learn and understand this approach as he strongly believes that achieving your goals doesn’t need to be complex.

With 13 years in the Financial Services industry, Andrew is an entrepreneurial soul having started and grown several across different businesses spanning from Financial Planning to E-Commerce. By drawing on this vast depth of experience Andrew has been successful in coaching his clients to be better educated, more financially savvy and most importantly enabled them to feel in total control of their financial world.

As a Senior Financial Adviser at Inspired Money, Andrew works to ensure transparency and clear outcomes remain at the core to the financial planning journey.  Using a calm approach and the vast range of tools and technology available at Inspired Money he can assist you in both identifying and then successfully achieving these outcomes.

Together with his wife Billie-J, they place ‘strategic giving’ at the heart of their life and as a result remain committed to giving more than 15% of their income each year to a variety of charities including Transform Cambodia, Hillsong Foundation & Make a Wish Foundation to name a few.

Andrew’s drive, positive mindset and clear focus aim to inspire you to make smart financial choices and give you the confidence to take the next step in achieving financial success.


Qualifications and Professional Memberships

Bachelor of Commerce – Murdoch University

Advanced Diploma Financial Services (Kaplan)

SMSF Specialist Advice (Kaplan)

Certificate IV in Finance (Mortgage Broking)

Practitioner Member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA)

What Andy’s clients are saying:

“Andrew has a pleasant and casual manor, backed up with research and measured advise to guide his clients to their life goals.” – Norman (65+ yo client)


“Always feel comfortable with Andrew and he explains in terms you can understand.” – Michael (56-65 yo client)

“Andrew provided me with advice on insurance for myself should something happen to me and make me unable to work or if I was likely to have ongoing medical expenses as a result of trauma. He was able to help me with this and sort out my superannuation so that it was setup to get the best value. When I unfortunately did need to make a trauma claim Andrew was able to help me with the process of making the claim at a time when I was in need.” – Daniel (35-45 yo client)


“I have been seeking advice off Andrew for about 8 years now and would and do highly recommend him.”- Jared (46-55 yo client)


“I have been a client of Andrew’s for 10 years. Andrew has assisted me grow my retirement fund from work till I die, to retiring comfortably. Andrew is someone I trust for sound honest advise based on experience and knowledge. ” – William (46-55 yo client)


“Andrew has always been vey helpful and attentive. Always clear and concise with information and explanations. He has helped us get out of a tight spot and continues to help us move forward.” – Craig (46 – 55 yo client)