According to The Choosi Dollar Report 2019, an in-depth study of 5,000 Australians that tackles the issue of whether or not we perceive ourselves to be a financially savvy or a stressed nation, along with our money-centric behaviours and desires, it’s clear that we’re good at overestimating our own financial knowledge.

The research tells us that 69% of Australians rate their overall financial knowledge as ‘strong’. Yet, when it comes to investing experience, the report shows we’re underestimating the time and ability we have to manage our money effectively, with only 37% rating their investing experience as ‘strong’.

The problem with this disparity is that it can often lead to financial anxiety and stress. Fortunately, there are a number of simple management techniques we can implement to alleviate stress, pressure, and anxiety related to our finances, and ultimately stay on top of all our money matters.

Please take a look at these tips to help alleviate financial stress, or even better prevent it happening in the first place.

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