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We believe in doing things differently so we can get significantly different results for our clients and stakeholders. To achieve this, it is our mission to understand and progressively educate you on the first class strategies available to you that can be used to improve your situation. We then help you implement these strategies and hold you accountable through an open and honest regular review of your situation.

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Financial Planning

Understanding that successful financial planning is more psychology than mathematics, we delve into the behaviours that shape your financial destiny. Our approach is not just about getting the math right – it’s about aligning your financial strategies with the psychology of your goals.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning at Inspired Money goes beyond saving for the future; it’s about designing a future that’s worth saving for. We help you visualise your ideal retirement, then build a behavioural-based strategy to get you there, ensuring your golden years shine brighter.


Your super is your future in the making. We take a behaviour-driven approach to superannuation, empowering you to make proactive decisions that compound over time, turning today’s choices into tomorrow’s security.

Mortgage Broking

Navigating home loans requires more than just good rates; it requires understanding your relationship with money. Our team, led by experts with collectively over 60 years of experience, works with you to find the right loan that fits not just your financial situation but your financial behaviour.

Estate Planning

Estate planning with Inspired Money is about more than distributing assets; it’s about passing on a legacy that reflects your life’s values and achievements. We guide you through the psychological and emotional aspects of legacy planning, ensuring your wishes are executed with care.

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We believe in doing things differently so we can get significantly different results for our clients and stakeholders.

Meet the team

Sherree Coffey

Chief Operations Officer

Conrad Francis

Founder | Money Coach

Shane Mitchell
Shane Mitchell

Shane Mitchell

Director | Senior Financial Adviser

Pat Sullivan

Senior Financial Adviser

Darrel Roberts

Head of Mortgage Lending Services

David Holt

Business Development (Lending)

Nicole Monks
Nicole Monks

Nicole Monks

Mortage Consultant

Georgina Gebhardt

Associate Adviser

Nicholas Trusty

Client Experience Officer

Austin Rebel

Client Experience Officer



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Conrad’s insight into my financial behaviour was a game-changer. His coaching helped me develop habits that have set me up for a lifetime of smart money management.

avatar Andrew M

Trust and confidence define my experience with Inspired Money. They invested time to understand me, which made all the difference in my investment portfolio.

avatar Carol G

Inspired Money was a beacon of clarity in the mortgage maze. Their dedication turned our dream home into a reality.

avatar Daniel M

Retirement seemed daunting until Inspired Money illuminated the path. Their strategic guidance crafted a retirement plan that truly felt like mine.

avatar Elaine S

Partnering with Inspired Money revolutionised my financial outlook. Conrad’s expertise transformed complex concepts into actionable steps, leading to my financial confidence.

avatar Jeff M

Shane and the team turned my financial chaos into a clear path forward. Now, I’ve got a budget that supports my lifestyle and my goals.

avatar Josie D

Inspired Money’s compassionate approach and detailed estate planning process ensured my legacy was in safe hands, giving me peace of mind.

avatar Maria L. G

Conrad and his team’s approach to performance coaching has helped my business reach new heights. Their blend of behavioural focus and financial expertise is unmatched.

avatar Matt H

Thanks to Inspired Money, my super is no longer a mystery. Their approach made me an active participant in securing my future.

avatar Travis H