Conrad Francis

Founder | Money Coach

Conrad Francis stands out as a top-tier Executive with a flair for entrepreneurship and a genuine thrill in seeing his clients thrive. With an impressive track record of over 30 years in the Banking & Finance industry, Conrad has honed an exceptional knack for wealth creation and retirement planning. His innovative approach ensures he delivers not just strategies, but pathways to financial success that resonate with creativity and effectiveness.

At the helm of Inspired Money, a bespoke Perth financial planning, advisory and mortgage brokerage firm he co-founded, Conrad’s journey from the foundational levels of Banking & Finance to building three thriving businesses from the ground up showcases his deep industry insight and entrepreneurial spirit. These ventures, each boasting a valuation over a million dollars, underscore the solid foundation and creative zest he brings to financial advisory.

Beyond the numbers, Conrad’s heart for community shines brightly through Inspired Money’s Community Assist Program, which has generously supported various charities with over $150,000 in donations over four years. His commitment to enriching lives extends into his passion for basketball coaching, and mentoring of elite athletes where he has seen significant success.

Embodying the wisdom of the adage, “Hand a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime,” Conrad applies this philosophy to empower and enlighten his clients, guiding them towards fulfilling their financial dreams with integrity, honesty, and a personal touch that forges deep-rooted relationships.

With Conrad’s vibrant personality and inexhaustible energy, you’re not just choosing an advisor; you’re selecting a partner who’s dedicated to excellence, inspired by passion, and committed to energising your journey towards achieving your financial aspirations. Conrad Francis isn’t just a choice for now; he’s a beacon for your financial future, lighting the way to wealth creation and successful retirement planning.

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Guildford Grammar School Basketball Coach Year 10 – Guildford Grammar School
  • WSBL Assistant Coach – Perry Lakes Hawks
  • WSBL Assistant Coach – Cockburn Lady Cougars
  • Guildford Grammar School1st V Basketball Coach – Guildford Grammar School
  • Head Coach WSBL – East Perth District Basketball Association
  • MSBL Assistant Coach – Cockburn Basketball Association
  • MSBL Assistant Coach – Perry Lakes Hawks
  • MSBL Assistant Coach – Joondalup Wolves
  • NBL1 Mens Assistant Coach – Eastern Suns
  • Various WA State Mens U20 Basketball Team
  • Various Asian Touring Teams
  • Food Rescue
  • Joondalup Mens Shed
  • A Stitch In Time