Estate Planning – Legacy of Intent

Estate planning with Inspired Money is about more than distributing assets; it’s about passing on a legacy that reflects your life’s values and achievements. We guide you through the psychological and emotional aspects of legacy planning, ensuring your wishes are executed with care.

At Inspired Money, we understand that estate planning is a deeply personal process, far more intricate than simply allocating assets. It’s about creating a lasting legacy that truly encapsulates the essence of your life’s values, accomplishments, and aspirations. Our approach to estate planning is holistic, acknowledging the psychological and emotional dimensions that come with planning for life’s eventualities.

We believe that your estate plan should be a reflection of who you are and what you hold dear. It’s not just about the distribution of your wealth; it’s about ensuring that your life’s work continues to have meaning and impact, even in your absence. Our team works closely with you to understand your life story, your family dynamics, your business achievements, and your philanthropic intentions. This depth of understanding allows us to tailor an estate plan that aligns with your unique personal narrative.

Our role extends beyond the technicalities of wills and trusts. We guide you through the sensitive conversations and decisions that form the bedrock of a solid estate plan. This includes discussions around guardianship of minors, care of dependents, distribution of specific assets, and the potential impact of your decisions on your loved ones. We also explore your views on wealth transfer, philanthropy, and the legacy you wish to leave behind, ensuring that your estate plan is a true testament to your values and vision.

Moreover, we recognise that estate planning is an evolving process, not a one-time task. As your life changes, so too may your wishes and circumstances. We are committed to revisiting and revising your plan as needed, ensuring that it remains relevant and reflective of your current situation and future aspirations.

In essence, estate planning with Inspired Money is a journey of reflection and foresight. We ensure that your legacy is carefully crafted, your wishes are articulated with precision, and your estate is managed and distributed in a way that honours your life’s journey and the impact you wish to leave on the world.

Inspired Money’s compassionate approach and detailed estate planning process ensured my legacy was in safe hands, giving me peace of mind.

avatar Maria L. G

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