Shane Mitchell

Shane Mitchell

Director | Senior Financial Adviser

Shane Mitchell is an experienced Financial Adviser who is committed to making personal wealth management more accessible to the general population. He aims to empower his clients via financial education which in turn allows them a greater likelihood of achieving financial independence.

As a co-founding Director of Inspired Money, and having worked for boutique financial planning organisations in the past, he is motivated by a goal of making financial advice accessible and engaging. He has a strong foundation in traditional financial planning having spent just over ten years working for the Corporate Will Company and iWealth Financial Services. Whilst Shane recognises the value in traditional Financial Planning he is driven to offer more than just sound advice. Rather, he seeks to disrupt the assumptions made about the industry and to show his clients that being financially informed and educated leads to greater financial success.

Shane has a natural ability to connect with people, which facilitates a strong business rapport with his clients. By having this rapport in place he is able to better serve his clients, as he is able to garner a deep understanding of their personal and financial goals. This ability to connect with clients has resulted in continuous referred business and has seen Inspired Money grow to having more than 2000 clients across Australia, in less than five years.

Shane is committed to great outcomes for his clients and his determination has paid off, with many of his clients having a greater understanding of their own personal financial management and what they are trying to achieve with their assets. His overarching goal is to distill the financial advice, provide transparency and allow his clients to live and feel the benefits achieving their goals. He has successfully shown his clients that greater engagement in their finances is a worthy investment in themselves.


  • Bachelor of Business (Accounts & Finance) (ECU)
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning (Kaplan)
  • 14 years in Industry


  • Association of Financial Advisers membership