The original article was published on LinkedIn on the 24th October 2022

I’ve been reading some of Dave Ramsey’s material recently lately and I came across these 11 excellent reasons to get your cash flow sorted and get yourself out of debt.

  • So a medical emergency isn’t also a financial one
  • So you don’t have to see ‘declined’ at a register ever again
  • To be able to buy a home
  • So you can give generously
  • So you can fill up the entire petrol tank instead of just putting in a few dollars
  • To read the restaurant menu in order, instead of price first
  • To go on a vacation without having to make payments on it when you get home
  • To invest & earn interest instead of paying it
  • So you can say ”yes” to invitations instead of worrying if you can afford it
  • To have the margin to help keep your family
  • To actually keep your hard-earned money

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