The concept of retirement is undergoing a significant shift in Australia. According to a recent ABC News article, more and more Australians are choosing to re-enter the workforce after retirement, a phenomenon known as “un-retirement.” In this blog post, we’ll discuss the factors driving this trend and its implications for your retirement strategy.

Key Drivers of Un-Retirement

  1. Rising living costs: With the cost of living continuing to increase, many retirees find that their savings are not sufficient to maintain their desired lifestyle.
  2. Insufficient savings: Despite diligent saving efforts, some retirees have not accumulated enough wealth to last through their retirement years.
  3. Low-interest rates: Persistently low-interest rates have impacted the returns on traditional retirement investments, prompting some retirees to seek alternative income sources.

Flexible and Part-Time Work Options

To accommodate the growing number of un-retirees, businesses are increasingly offering flexible and part-time work options. These arrangements allow retirees to maintain a work-life balance while still benefiting from additional income.

Benefits for Businesses

Companies stand to gain from this trend, as they can leverage the vast experience and knowledge of un-retirees. This mutually beneficial arrangement fosters knowledge transfer and can lead to increased productivity and innovation.

Government Incentives

The government is actively considering tax incentives to encourage un-retirement, creating a more supportive environment for retirees to re-enter the workforce. This move could also help alleviate some of the pressure on the pension system.

What This Means for Your Retirement Strategy

The rise of un-retirement highlights the need for careful retirement planning. It’s essential to reevaluate your retirement strategy, taking into account factors such as inflation, interest rates, and the possibility of un-retirement. At Inspired Money, we can help you navigate these changes and develop a tailored retirement plan that suits your unique needs.


The Great Un-Retirement wave in Australia is reshaping the retirement landscape, providing opportunities and challenges for retirees, businesses, and the government alike. For individuals, this trend highlights the importance of having a robust retirement strategy in place. If you’re concerned about your retirement plan, contact one of the Inspired Money Team today to explore your options and secure your financial future.

This article was written by Conrad Francis, Founding Director and Money Coach with Inspired Money.


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