(originally posted on by Shane Mitchell on LinkedIn on 15th May 2020)

I recently came across an article from Michael McGrath who is a consultant and author on technology strategy and it got me thinking, other than the obvious impacts to business such as more remote working, what other changes to the world will flow on from the impact of the current pandemic.

In our practice we have seen not only some team members work from home, but many internal meetings held via Microsoft Teams, and now most client meetings held the same way. We have seen our national adviser exam go from a strict, bring nothing but your ID to a centralised meeting room where nothing else is allowed in the room to ensure the strictest security measures apply to now being able to do the same exam online in the comfort of your own home or workspace.

We have often completed our additional study requirements remotely ( well I have over the last 15 years anyway), and have seen many young colleagues attend seminars via a video link, so find it interesting to see if our high school system will incorporate more online learning after being thrust into a full online mode over recent months.

I’ve experienced a telehealth session, whilst I feel this has more space to expand, there will be some need for face to face consultations, but for many, a video chat with your GP may be just what is needed.

Online shopping is clearly taking off with many stuck at home and paranoid to go out, what else will this change to how we shop cause to be created to make it a smoother and more enjoyable process for consumers without flooding the current delivery services?

Esports has certainly got a shot in the arm, with F1 drivers competing with each other in tournaments online and EPL players battling it out in their own formats, how long will it be though before we revert back to the norm with our sports followings where 50-80,000 people cram into an arena to follow their teams. Will it be just like before after feeling a bit weird at first?

Michael McGrath runs through some companies in the US that can benefit and are benefiting from the sudden rush to integrate technology even further into our lives. Where else can you see tech inching more into what you do as a normal everyday function?

COVID-19 May Trigger A Technology Revolution



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